Mission & Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to equip Christians theologically for ministry in an Indian context.

Our Vision

We envision a generation of theologically sound and culturally relevant ministry leaders transforming India.

Our Values

Theologically Sound – Our aim is to teach sound doctrine giving priority to the authority of Scripture so that students are equipped in studying and understanding the Word of God and applying it in their ministry and discipleship.

Culturally Relevant – We intentionally focus on integrating theory with practice in the classes so that classroom teaching flows into application that is relevant to the local context and real-life situations of the students.

Academically Excellent – We seek to bring qualified and experienced faculty bringing a global perspective to the class and building an environment that is challenging, engaging and interactive.

Relationally Focussed – Our aim is to build partnerships with local churches to raise spiritual leaders and provide resources to facilitate theological education within churches. We seek to foster friendships and synergy among our students to build a community that organically supports each other's ministry and engages in new ways to reach out.

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