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Delhi School of Theology in partnership with Asia Biblical Theological Seminary (ABTS) offers accredited Master's level theological education through its site in New Delhi. ABTS brings together the best of the East and the West and is uniquely positioned to train leaders for effective ministry in a global setting.

ABTS  highlights

  • Accredited Master's Level seminary degree ABTS Masters Programmes 02
  • Theological training at an affordable cost
  • Accessible education while remaining in ministry/vocation
  • Part-Time modular system combing online and face-to-face classes 
  • Ideal for professionals and lay leaders as well as pastors and ministry leaders
  • Currently, a combination of hybrid and online courses are offered every quarter. Admission is open throughout the year.

Programmes of Study

ABTS Currently offers two Masters degrees -

Master of Religious Education - MRE (31 credit hours)

  • 31 Credit Hours (11 Courses)
  • For All Christian Workers with Undergraduate Degrees, Both Professional and Lay Leaders
  • Upgrade Ministry Skills in One of 5 Concentrations: Educational, Pastoral, Intercultural, Marketplace or Counselling
  • Broaden Biblical and Theological Foundations for Ministry
  • Remain in Your Ministry while Studying
  • 5 Years Permitted for Programme Completion





Master of Arts - MA (64 credit hours)

Programs of study available for Interdisciplinary Studies in Bible, Theology, and Ministry.

  • 64 Credit Hours (22 Courses)
  • In-Depth Investigation in 3 Content Areas: Bible, Theology, Ministry Leadership
  • Substantial Elective Category Allows Exploration of Areas Most Suited to the Student's Ministry
  • Builds toward Higher Degrees
  • Remain in Your Ministry while Studying
  • 8 Years Permitted for Programme Completion




Each course is 3 credits (except for the introductory course) and costs Rs. 6,600/-  (Rs. 2,200/- per credit hour). The MRE is a total of 31 credits (11 courses) and the MA is a total of 64 credits (22 courses). Students pay on a course by course basis. 


Information for Prospective Students

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