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2020 Online Courses

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions online classes are being offered lieu of the face-to-face classes. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to receive updates about how to enrol for these classes. Students can enrol in maximum two onlines courses at a time. 

21 September 2020 - 21 January 2021

BIB557 Hebrews
An exploration of the background, context and content of the Epistle to the Hebrews, focusing on the key interpretive issues and theological contributions of this rich, Christocentric book and building confidence in the superiority of Jesus and the New Covenant

MNS622 Foundations of Education
An exploration of the biblical principles of education and the application of these foundations to the cultural and social milieu of the 21st century.

THL640 Systematic Theology 2
This course continues the metanarrative approach in the study of angels, the human race, our rebellion against God, our need and the great provision of salvation in the person and work of the Son and the Holy Spirit.

BIB502 Old Testament Biblical Theology
A study of Old Testament history, literature and theology with emphasis upon the historical development of key concepts of Old Testament biblical theology.

MNS500 Spiritual Formation
A survey of biblical spirituality and helpful models of its application from church history for contemporary cultural contexts.

MNS510 Organizational Leadership
This course presents the biblical foundation for leadership, studies its historical foundations and analyses the classical theories of leadership and administrative processes vital to ministry. In-class exercises use skills necessary to apply biblical truth to cultural settings.


2021 Courses


Courses are usually for 40 hours over a 10 day period and usually a few weekday evenings and two full-day Saturdays and half-day Sundays. Classes are held in Delhi and Gurgaon. Registration for individual courses are open a month before the scheduled start date. 

9 - 17 January: MNS 515 Vocation, Work and Ministry (Gurgaon)

This course traces the concept of work as it is developed throughout Scripture and explores the implications of that investigation for integrating faith in the workplace. Priority is given to a comprehensive vision of calling and ministry with practical application to Asian work context

26 February - 7 March: THL 540 Systematic Theology 1 (Delhi)

This course introduces and practices systematic theology within the context of the large Story of Scripture (or Metanarrative) that begins with creation, is centered in Jesus’ first coming, and reaches its culmination in the new heavens and earth. The course also presents the doctrines of Scripture and God within the Metanarrative.

10 - 18 April: BIB 554 Romans (Gurgaon)

An exposition of this letter in terms of its significance for biblical and systematic theology. Particular attention is paid to the epistolary and rhetorical constructs contained in the letter and how these mechanisms affect its interpretation.

7-16 May: MNS 672 Counselling Skills (Delhi)

This course allows students the opportunity to practice and deepen their Christian counseling skill set. Topics include active and empathic listening, question asking, pattern recognition, family history taking, and other techniques designed to lead others toward greater life change and deeper relationships with Christ.

23 July - 1 August: BIB 553 Acts of the Apostles (Delhi) 

An exegetical examination of the Acts of the Apostles with concentration on the biblical theology of the book of Acts, the historical background of events, and the theological emphasis of the speeches. Special attention is given to articulating the message of Acts in ways that are both textually accurate and contemporarily relevant.

18 - 26 September: THL 641 Systematic Theology 3 (Gurgaon)

This course presents the eschatological people of God (the Church), our salvation, and the consummation of all things in the second coming of Jesus Christ, His Kingdom, and the new creation. These promises of God are presented within the context of the Metanarrative and from a premillennial perspective.

12 - 21 November: MNS 564 Urban Mission and Ministry (Delhi)

A course that focuses on Christian missions and ministry in the world’s growing cities. The biblical basis for urban ministry is presented and effective urban strategies worldwide are examined. Attention is given to urban issues such as ministry to the poor and homeless, pastoring and raising a family in the city, and planting urban churches, providing key logistics, strategies, models and insights. 

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