Course Schedule

2019 Courses

Courses are for 40 hours over a 10 day period and usually a few weekday evenings and two full-day Saturdays and half-day Sundays. Classes are held in Delhi and Gurgaon. Registration for individual courses are open a month before the scheduled start date. 

22 November - 1 December: Christian Ethics in the Workplace (MNS 516) - Delhi Site

An applied study of Christian moral action for the workplace. Biblical principles will be applied to real-world case studies with the goal of helping students maintain Christ-like integrity and witness in the workplace.

2020 Courses

 6 January – 16 February: Christian Worldview (THL 572) – Gurgaon Site

A philosophical elaboration of the Christian perspective upon all of life and reality with emphasis on the metanarrative framework of creation, fall, redemption and new creation.

28 February – 8 March: Isaiah (BIB 632) – Delhi Site

An inductive, biblical and theological study of the major passages of Isaiah. The student will develop an understanding of the prophet’s historical message and its futuristic aspect. The result is a compilation of the major themes of the book and their importance to the redemptive program of God.

18-26 April: Theology & Culture (MNS551) – Gurgaon Site

A study of the biblical basis of culture/anthropology and of historical principles of cultural engagement. Emphasis is given to understanding one’s own culture and the culture of others in order to communicate the gospel clearly in intercultural contexts.

15-24 May: New Testament Biblical Theology (BIB 503) – Delhi Site

A study of the New Testament history, literature and theology, focusing upon the theological development of the NT. The course will emphasize the contribution of each individual book to that theological development. This is a required course for M.A. students, and for M.R.E. students is a Bible elective or general elective.

11-19 July: Systematic Theology 3 (THL 641) – Gurgaon Site

This course presents the eschatological people of God (the Church), our salvation, and the consummation of all things in the second coming of Jesus Christ, His Kingdom, and the new creation. These promises of God are presented within the context of the Metanarrative and from a premillenial perspective.

18-27 September: Homiletics (MNS636) – Delhi Site

This course provides an introduction to homiletics with attention to the philosophy and priority of preaching, skills in hermeneutical organization of sermons, and principles of delivery. Emphasis is given to exegetical expository preaching in a pulpit ministry designed to communicate for clearer understanding of truth, richer relationship with God, and more obedient action in response to His Word. The course will included a laboratory in which each student will prepare, deliver and evaluate messages.

10-18 October: Spiritual Formation (MNS500) – Gurgaon Site

An investigation into the meaning of biblical Christianity and its relationship to faith and practice within contemporary cultural contexts.

20-29 November: Historical Theology Survey (THL510) – Delhi Site

An introductory survey of the history of the church from the time of the Fathers to the modern day. This course highlights the most significant events, councils, persons and writings with special attention given to the development of doctrine and to Asian Christianity.


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